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What happened to Walzer?

What happened to Allison Walzer? Why was the editor of the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader fired? Or did she quit? Why has management shut down newsroom discussion so ruthlessly? Find out all the answers here.

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Walzer's job advertised on KR Web site. Read the ad; apparently an intern has taken over the HR department from Sharon Petchel, who has also mysteriously left the newspaper.

Read the classified on the KR Web site

Was it plagiarism?

It's been pointed out that the Times Leader removed her two most recent columns from their Web site and replaced them with dummy weather stories. The most recent column dealt with her antiwar views and the second dealt with her lawsuits against the county controller, who she sold her McMansion to even though he was among the highest-profile people in the Times leader.

Check the columns themselves and see if any of them sound familiar from elsewhere or if they set off any other alarms.

Walzer column Jan. 9, 2005 re: war dead list, her antiwar views

Walzer column Dec. 26, 2004, re: lawsuits over sale of her home to county controller Steve Flood


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